Trees are important for a whole range of wildlife, not just as a food source but as habitat and a place of refuge. Birds particularly are encoured to visit a garden if there is at least one tree or large shrub growing to at least 2.5 metres tall. There are are many trees that are visited by bees, largley unnoticed by people because the activity is high up in the tree canopy. The list of 'bee trees' given here is small, but many of the flowers of common fruit trees and their ornamental cousins are useful to bees and other insects.

Common Name
Latin Name
Alder Buckthorn
Rhamnus frangula
Malus sp.
Black Lace Elder
Sambucas nigra v.
Prunus sp.
Fuji cherry
Prunus incisa
'Kojo No Mai'
Japanese Crabapple
Malus floribunda
Pyrus sp.
Prunus domestica

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